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buscar pareja con numero de telefono Background checks and pre-employment screening are integral parts of the hiring process. Screening your potential employee with a thorough background check can prevent negligent hiring lawsuits and provide a safer work environment for your staff. Hire incorrectly, and you may lose productivity and earnings and even put yourself, your company or your coworkers at risk.

Companies that perform background screening can help you scrutinize potential employee’s employment and criminal history. They provide thorough background checks, from social security verification to education history, reference checks to drug history and criminal records reports.

Pre-employment background checks are important today because of the threat employers face from negligent hiring. Screening your potential employees through a thorough background check allows your human resources department to make the right decisions and avoid legal repercussions that could damage your company.

Background screening companies start by verifying job applicants employment history. They verify dates of employment, position, salary, duties, work habits, and eligibility for rehire. This is an important step because 36 percent of job applicants falsify some part of their employment application.

The companies verify education by checking high school diplomas, college and university attendance, degrees, trade school certification, grade point averages, and class rankings. This protects you from bogus degree certificates that are frequently presented by job applicants.

To conduct criminal background checks, the companies check state, county, and federal prison records as well as state and national sex offender database registries.

Motor vehicle driving records are also checked, which provide insights into drug or alcohol problems and dangerous driving habits — very important when the use of company vehicles is involved.

The companies also perform E-verify services to check your employee’s legal right to work by comparing information from the employee’s I-9 form against the Social Security and Department of Homeland Security databases.

The companies find the information through direct contact with employers, schools, government agencies, and courts. They also utilize networks of criminal researchers to provide criminal records.

Obtaining pre-employment background checks helps you avoid a high turnover rate, workplace violence, theft, and low employee morale. It will save you time and money, enable you to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits, detect falsified applications, give you the facts to make sound hiring decisions, and provide a safe and productive working environment for your staff.

Look online for companies that provide professional background screening. They can provide the reports online and have no minimums for the number of pre-employment background checks you request.

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