In the past few decades, employment background screening has gone from being a “nice idea” to standard procedures for companies both large and small. It’s important to protect your company and performing background checks that ensure your companies safety are important for any company, regardless of size. It is estimated that between 60-80% of U.S. companies perform criminal background checks. While this helps to protect the interests and reputations of those companies, far too many are making critical errors in the screening practices.

Here are four errors to avoid:

partnersuche in hannover Error 1: Failure to establish a standard background screening policy.

The addition of a standard written policy for every job helps to insure uniformity in background checks and helps to maintain compliance with company standards and employment regulations with the data that is collected.

best affair dating site Error 2: Failure to verify employment and education.

Thoroughly verifying past employment and education can help to reveal misrepresentations of the facts which, if intentional, can signal problems of character in a potential employee.

black dating services Error 3: Failure to check vendors, contractors, temps.

Screening vendors, contractors, temps and other such workers can go a long way to limit vulnerabilities in relation to those who often have access to company facilities and systems.

asian date finder Error 4: Failure to conduct international verification.

Verifying work history and education received outside of country is an important task that should not be overlooked. The job market has become globalized and extra vigilance is required.

Avoiding these four common errors will help an organization minimize risk and improve both the quality and efficiency of their screening program. To see how our firm can help you with your employee screen testing, contact our office today.