Medical Recruiting

Custom Reports for Medical Recruiting

christlicher single chat Our Medical Recruiting Package allows you to hire with confidence and protect your reputation, your employees, and your patients.

ghost dating site Physician & Medical Recruiters know the importance of hiring someone who is of good moral character, and Atlas Background can help your company do just that.

dating in america Our Medical Package can be customized to fit your needs.  A comprehensive medical background investigation typically includes criminal and civil history, malpractice history, OIG exclusion, and credit report.  The investigation can be tailored to your specifications.

Medical Employee Screening Searches

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  •   Professional Licensing

    millionaire club This index searches occupational license types to provide the name and address of the licensee, license number, date of issue, license status and date of expiration.


  •   OIG HHS Excluded File

    An OIG exclusion has national scope and is important to many institutional health care providers because the Congress of the United States established a Civil Monetary Penalty for institutions that knowingly hire excluded parties. Accordingly, the OIG maintains the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE), a database which provides information to the public, health care providers, patients and others relating to parties excluded from participation in the Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal health care programs.


  •   National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Search

    The NCIC is a comprehensive data source of multiple criminal records including Federal Fugitive files, State and County Criminal Record Repositories, prison, parole and release files and other State agencies. The NCIC provides real-time access to the largest data source available with over 126 million offense records covering 38 states currently online.


  •   Statewide Criminal  History

    The criminal conviction search speaks for itself. History has taught us that people who have committed serious criminal acts in the past are very likely to do so again. In addition to eliminating these people from the hiring process, the likelihood of negligent hiring and vicarious liability litigation is minimized.


  •   Social Security Number Trace

    This search identifies aliases and fictitious or unauthorized use of social security numbers. People wishing to distance themselves from a troubled past frequently change their names and/or social security numbers.

    This index will quickly identify those individuals and includes current and past addresses and employers that may have been intentionally omitted from the employment application.


  •   DMV Driving Records

    This is a surprising source of pertinent information providing yet another indicator of the applicant’s level of responsibility.

    Arrest warrants issued for failure to pay minor traffic fines, alcohol or illegal drug convictions and multiple accidents are just a few of the warning signs found in the DMV report.


  •   Consumer Credit Report

    Shows the complete credit/financial profile of the applicant. Includes trade lines, balances, payment history, address and employment, and significant public record information such as bankruptcy, tax liens and judgments.

    Allowed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for any permissible purpose, including employment screening.


  •   Employment Verification

    As a result of several strident court decisions, verifying previous employment can seem an exercise in futility. Our professional background investigators are skilled in gleaning information from even the toughest sources.

    Some of the areas we address are job title, length of employment, salary, reason for termination and re-hire status.


  •   Education Credentials

    One of the most falsified pieces of information on an employment application or resume, education credentials are critical in the hiring process because of the impact an untrained employee can have on the operation as a whole.

    Poor performance, wasted time and resources, improper placement and morale are just a few of the areas affected.


  •   Civil Litigation

  • Shows all litigation filed at the higher court level from Superior court upward. Lists both plaintiffs and defendants in civil actions. Municipal court cases such as small claims, evictions and other judgments are not included in this search. These searches are conducted at the county level for greatest accuracy.


  •  Federal Court Records

  • Shows all criminal and civil matters brought before the Federal court system. Includes criminal filings, civil litigation and bankruptcy courts. Searches are conducted at the Federal district level for the greatest accuracy.


  •   Sex Offender Registry

    Sex offenders, predators and child molesters are required by Federal and State laws to register with local law enforcement wherever they reside throughout the United States. Our sex offender registry search will quickly identify those who have been convicted and registered as sex offenders.

    This search is a must whenever there is any possibility of sexual assault such as nannies, coaches, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, day care facilities and other establishments and personnel that cater to children, women and the infirm.