Tools for Social Media Monitoring

Last month we laid out the rules for monitoring social media of potential employees. More importantly, you must monitor how others, including employees, post about your business. Do you have disgruntled employees? Or past employees?

Common tools used for social media monitoring includes the following:

  • Sysomos is one of the powerful tools that are available in the market for social media monitoring. It boasts features like data collection, information processing, data analysis, etc. In data collection, data is collected and filtered for spam or other false positives. During information processing, data is gathered and, through translation and text analytics, it combs the data for insights and intelligence. During data analysis, all of the data is analyzed and categorized according to demographics, sentiment, key influencer, and buzz volume. Output is provided in the form of charts and graphs that provide visual confirmation of social media campaign’s process.

  • It monitors millions of sources in 42 languages, including social media channels, blogs, forums etc. It provides alerts in real-time via push notifications. Various social media accounts can be connected and we can receive combined alerts from all these outlets. It also removes the false positives and spam and sorts out the important mentions, thus reducing the noise. It generates a snapshot of mentions by source, language and over a selected period of time in PDF and CSV format. This result can be used to compare with the competitors.

  • Brand Watch employs the power of a web crawler to focus and capture data relevant to a brand or a product. Brand Watch can adapt to a variety of client loads. This web crawler operates in real time and, as soon as it satisfies a particular search query, stores this data to its many servers working in real time. These crawlers collect data from sources such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, discussion forums, news sites, Image sites, corporate sites, etc. This data can then be queried using an SQL-like language developed by Brand Watch to drill down or slice and dice data according to our needs.

  • rich people dating Visible Technologies

    Its social media monitoring, analytics, and engagement tools help organizations to identify opportunities and potential crises when they arise, while finding new and innovative ways to enhance customer relationships and better service clients. It offers both unlimited search queries and results that are not usually provided by other products. It costs up to $3,000/month, which is suitable for a national brand or large agency.

  • This is a tool that uses keywords to identify specific topics of conversation that are specific to particular social communities. It monitors and translates from 27 different languages and its search-based social media monitoring digs deep into the social media chaos to target the most relevant conversations using precise Boolean logic. Its monitoring platform analyzes millions of social media posts from several social media sites. When new social media websites appear on the web, they are also included in the Meltwater databases. Data can also be archived for up to six months for broad coverage of issues.

  • Social Radar

    Social Radar uses big data for social media monitoring and produces output after analyzing the collected data. It finds patterns and performs deep historical analysis using archives spanning more than six years. It creates powerful custom filters based on rich individual profiling data, like an instant massive focus group. It includes variety of reporting options, including custom dashboards, raw data exporting, graphs, and tailored interactive access.

  • Trackur

    This is a tool that has a distinctive feature that helps you to quickly see the number of new results, velocity change, share of voice, etc. Outputs can be produced using an Excel exporting feature, RSS/XML feeds, or via email alerts. It has an archival feature through which complete resources can be archived for viewing the original article, sharing with co-workers, or bookmarking for follow-up.

  • Ubervu

    It has an easy-to-use dashboard and provides several customizations and real-time insights about a brand or industry. Ubervu can help to understand and engage with audiences, to find influencers, reply to comments on multiple social networks straight from a single dashboard and so on. It is also useful to monitor keywords and brand mentions and be alerted of any real-time spikes in mentions, sentiment, activity, and other important metrics.