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Defending against discrimination complaints can be difficult. Atlas Risk Management LLC. provides custom-tailored tenant ScoreCards to property owners and managers to help them make the right decisions quickly.

By obtaining the same types of information on all applicants, tenants can maintain a consistent screening process and, therefore, protect themselves from the allegations of discriminatory housing.

“In order to get the right residents into the right properties, a tenant ScoreCard provides an efficient analysis of credit, criminal, and eviction history of all applicants to improve decision turnaround time, reduce delinquency rates and increase bottom line margins.”- Larry Warren, Owner

Reliable Screening Solutions For Your Valued Properties

free internet dating sites How the Tenant Scorecard™ Works

  • “Pass”, “Fail”, or “Conditional” recommendation, taking the guesswork out of choosing the right tenant.
  • Customizable recommendation criteria ensures that your clients are getting the right residents in the right properties.
  • Accurate, automated, and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination liability.
  • Score multiple applicants (roommates) together for a merged recommendation and easily remove any unqualified roommates to recalculate the recommendation.
  • Available credit history recommendation criteria