senior dating site In today’s day and age, too many employers do not have an effective process or policy for drug screening. There can be multiple reasons for this, but ignorance should never be one of them. Below are some facts and figures related to drug use in the workplace.

free dating site for ladies • More than 75% of substance abusers are currently employed .
• Of those employed full-time, 8.4% were current illicit drug users, and 8.8% were heavy alcohol users1.
•Substance abusers are unstable workers and may change jobs as many as three times per year .
•Substance abusers have been found to be at least 33% less productive in the workplace .
•Substance abusers were found to be 2.5 times more likely to be absent 8 or more days per year3.
•Compared to drug-free workers, substance abusers were found to cost twice as much in medical and worker comp claims .

divorced singles To learn more about how to develop an effective drug policy and drug screening process that will help protect your company, contact our offices today.